Speaker’s Corner 2015

Join us in the Marketplace Speaker’s Corner to hear infor­ma­tive talks on a vari­ety of subjects.

Time Speaker & Topic
11:00 am “Under the Spell of Succulents” talk and book sign­ing by Jeff Moore of Solana Succulents Solana Succulents
Noon “Incredible! Edible and Waterwise” by Nan Sterman, gardening’s lead­ing voice and host of “A Growing Passion” and www.plantsoup.com
12:30 pm “The Big Deal About Compost” by James McCarthy, Master Composter and Research Fellow at J. Craig Venter Institute
1:00 pm “Citizen Farmer” talk and book sign­ing by Daron “Farmer D” Joffe, Director of Agriculture Innovation & Development at The Ranch — Leichtag Foundation, www.leichtag.org, www.citizenfarmers.com
2:00 pm “Deciduous Fruit Trees for Your Home Garden” by Ari Tenenbaum, pres­i­dent and co-founder of Revolution Landscape, www.revolutionlandscape.com
3:00 pm “Water-wise Ways to Save Money in Your Garden” by Teresa Chase of Olivenhain Municipal Water District, www.olivenhain.com