How can I buy tick­ets? Reservations can be made on-line, while tick­ets can be pur­chased at sev­eral area nurs­eries and by mail order (please note the post­mark dead­line for mail order). If tick­ets are not sold out on Festival day, they will be avail­able in the Marketplace, but at an addi­tional cost.

Can I pay for admis­sion with a credit card? You may pay for reser­va­tions with a credit card on-line. Mail order, nurs­ery, and on-site ticket pur­chases are avail­able by check or cash only.

Where do I park? Parking is ONLY in the des­ig­nated park­ing area (click here to see the loca­tion). By order of the City of Encinitas, there is no park­ing along the tour route on Festival day. Double-decker buses carry tour goers from the park­ing area to the Gardener’s Marketplace to begin their day.

Why can’t I park in the tour neigh­bor­hood? The streets in our neigh­bor­hoods are very nar­row and on Festival day, they are filled with peo­ple. If cars were jock­ey­ing for park­ing places at the same time, it would be may­hem and very unsafe, not to men­tion a irri­ta­tion to the neigh­bors. If you have some­one who needs to be dropped off at the Marketplace, do so, then please leave your car in the des­ig­nated park­ing lot and don’t try to park in the tour neighborhood.

Where is the Marketplace? This year’s Marketplace loca­tion will be revealed closer to tour date. Don’t worry, though, we pro­vide a double-decker bus to take you from the park­ing lot to the Marketplace.

Do I need a ticket to ride the bus? No, the bus is free.

Where can I eat lunch? We have sev­eral great food ven­dors in the Marketplace.

Can I pay for items I pur­chase in the Marketplace with a credit card? Many ven­dors do not take credit cards so please be pre­pared with cash or checks to pay for your items.

When I buy some­thing in the Marketplace, do I carry it with me all day? How do I get it to my car? Purchases can be “parked” in the plant hold­ing area. Pick them up before you board the bus to ride back to your car. For larger items, we have a pickup area reserved so you can return later with your car to claim your purchase

Can I visit the Marketplace with­out buy­ing a ticket for the tour? Absolutely! Please ride the free bus from the park­ing lot to the Marketplace. Buses run from 10 am to 4:45 pm.

Do the buses take us to the gar­dens? No, buses run only between the park­ing lot and the Marketplace. This is a walk­ing tour so you walk from one gar­den to the next.

Do the gar­dens accom­mo­date strollers, wheel­chairs, etc.? Unfortunately, we can­not count on pri­vate gar­dens to accom­mo­date strollers, wheel­chairs, etc. Some pri­vate gar­dens are sloped, have uneven pave­ment, nar­row path­ways, or other chal­leng­ing situations.

Can I bring my dog? As much as we love pets, we thank you for leav­ing them home on tour day. Except for cer­ti­fied ser­vice ani­mals, dogs and other ani­mals are not per­mit­ted on our buses, in the Marketplace, or in the gardens.

How do I know where the gar­dens are? When you arrive at the Marketplace with your ticket (or pay admis­sion at the Marketplace) you will receive a map of gar­den locations.

Do I have to see all the gar­dens? No, visit as many or as few as you would like.

What if I need a place to rest? You can always return to the Marketplace for a break, a snack, to shop, or to sit and lis­ten to our great speak­ers. In addi­tion, we have “com­fort sta­tions” with chairs, port-a-potties and water along the tour route.

What if it rains? If it driz­zles, the tour goes on. If it really rains, the event is can­celled and we thank you for your contribution.

I pur­chased a ticket and my plans have changed, can I get a refund? No, unfor­tu­nately we do not offer refunds. Please find some­one to gift your ticket to if you can­not use it.