2012 Encinitas Garden Festival & Tour

Each year, the Encinitas Garden Festival & Tour visits one of the Encinitas’ unique neighborhoods for a self-guided walking tour On that day, we tour-goers stroll through as many as 25 gardens. Because this is a walking tour, visitors get an up-close view of each neighborhood, along with a genuine feel for its texture and the character of its residents.

The festival celebrates all types of gardens, and all types of gardeners, with a special focus on how homeowners use their spaces. Every neighborhood brings its own surprises. Gardens range from small and intimate to grand and formal.

This year, the festival visits an hidden corner of Leucadia where garden tourists will stroll through a tropical oasis filled with rare plants, a private sanctuary garden with French touches, an historic Spanish home and garden, a birder’s paradise of native plants, a canyon side gardens with stunning views of habitat and ocean, several artists’ gardens and much, much more!

Our festival also features a free Gardener’s Marketplace where we offer a unique collection of garden-related vendors. We feature talks by garden experts on topics such as backyard vineyards, gardening with natives, chicken gardening, children’s gardening and using art in the garden.

We hope our Festival inspires you with ideas for your garden, and with an appreciation for community, gardening, and the horticultural heritage of Encinitas.