2011 Crest Drive

The 2011 Encinitas Garden Festival & Tour had the largest atten­dance ever. Mother Nature obliged tour goers with a lovely, warm day soft­ened by cool ocean breezes. The 2011 Gardener’s Marketplace was held in a pri­vate meadow along tree-lined Crest Drive, the scenic coun­try road with west­ern views to the beach and east­ern views to the val­ley and moun­tains. Vendors and spon­sors enjoyed enthu­si­as­tic shop­pers, while speak­ers had audi­ences held at rapt atten­tion. The gar­dens, of course, were spectacular.

This nearly century-old neigh­bor­hood fea­tured more than 20 well-established gar­dens on large lots, some sur­round­ing his­toric archi­tec­ture. There were old-fashioned gar­dens and mod­ern style gar­dens, Mediterranean gar­dens, suc­cu­lent gar­dens, a Balinese gar­den, a heal­ing gar­den, and even an urban farm.