The Use Of Event Booking Systems In Organising Festivals

When you see the word festival, food, cultural drinks, music, laughter, fun games and activities come to mind. A festival can be defined as an event organised by or in a certain community and that celebrates certain aspects of the community's culture, religion and heritage among other things. Festivals come in different forms and shapes and may include religious, seasonal an harvest, food and drinks, music, art and garden festivals among others.

Garden Festivals

A garden festival celebrates landscaping architecture, gardening and garden designs either on a local, regional, national or international level. This kind of festival usually attracts gardening and landscaping enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world. Organising garden festivals, or other festivals for that matter, requires dedication and commitment from the host community and organisers and requires the use of different tools including an event booking system to make work easier. We take a look at how festival organisers can benefit from using such systems as opposed to doing everything manually.

Extra information about event booking system

Benefits of event booking systems to festival organisers

An event booking system is software designed to enhance efficient registration of attendees for any event. The system can be embedded into the website of the festival or that of the organisers to make it easier for attendees to find it. In addition, it can be reprogrammed to perform other event management functions upon request. Below are some of the benefits that accrue from using an event booking system when organising different kinds of festivals.

Maximise ticket sales

A manual registration or ticketing process limits the number of people that can attend the festival while an online booking system allows people from all walks of lives to register or purchase tickets from the comfort of their homes. Such a system allows the festival to reach a wider geographical area and therefore it helps maximise on the tickets sold.

Prevents overbooking

The size of the festival venue, the amount of accommodation available in the nearby area and amount of monetary resources available to host the festival dictates the maximum number of attendees. Exceeding this number could be problematic in so many ways. However, an online event booking system can be programmed to accept registration up to a certain upper limit and therefore eliminate the risk of overbooking. 

Financial management

Human errors are bound to happen at times and when organising festivals, it is possible for someone to be issued with an excess number of tickets. This results to loss of revenue. This can be minimised by using an event booking system that ensures accurate number of tickets are issued based on the amount paid. The system also tracks the amount of money received in each period, the amount withdrawn to cater for expenses and so on. This means that the festival organisers can get an accurate financial report with the click of a button.

Saves time and energy

Manual processes are not only hectic but they also consume a lot of time and energy. For example, the manual registration process of an event that is likely to attract thousands of attendees requires several weeks of labour. However, with an online event booking system, the registration process is automated and this results in saving time and energy. These two resources can then be redirected into other aspects of the festival that cannot be automated.

Reduced employee costs

An online event booking system allows you to automate some aspects of the festival including registration, communication, marketing and report preparation. This means that you can successfully organise the event with a minimal number of employees. This reduces the labour costs of the event and therefore increases overall profitability.